LC Clearing House

A Central Location for Louisiana College Information

Document: Louisiana College Whistleblower Policy

The most recent Whistleblower Policy at Louisiana College.

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Argile Smith Threatens Student, Misleads Investigating Committee

Argile Smith

Argile Smith

Audio of Argile Smith threatening to come after student if student posted an answer to a question on his blog. Smith serves at Louisiana College as Dean of Chapel, Vice President of New Projects, and Associate Dean of the Pastoral Ministry program at the college’s Caskey School of Divinity.

Smith was given a reprimand by the administration that is placed in his personnel file.

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A Central Location for Louisiana College Information

LC Clearing House is a central location for information (audio, documents, etc.) for Louisiana College. As of now, the only person allowed to speak to the media and provide information to the media is the Louisiana College president.

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